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STICKY - OFFICER LIST!/ Senior Members!

The place to discuss Planetside 2, and Angry Army's role within the conflict for Auraxis.

STICKY - OFFICER LIST!/ Senior Members!

Postby Nytefury on Thu Nov 15, 2012 7:00 am

I'm creating this post so people can ask the officers and anyone higher up if they can join the guild rather than running around to find someone from the outift to ask an officer to get invited.

Names in no particular order:

Outfit Leader
Angry Joe

Field Marshals
Setch Dreskar



Senior Members

Please ask anyone on the list in game for an invite (Except Joe who is a very busy guy).
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Re: STICKY - OFFICER LIST!/ Senior Members!

Postby Nytefury on Fri Mar 08, 2013 3:41 am

This was available in the PS2 Code of Conduct for the last 3 months, but I am going to add it here too so it doesn't get missed and just to clarify the ranks in PS2.

Private - Set as default and consists of the bulk of the Angry Army.

Senior Member - Although not considered officers, Field Marshals feel these guys emulate the sort of players we want in the Angry Army. Not only do they have a good attitude, but they have considerable experience within PS2. While we encourage people of all ranks to learn the game and even have a go at leading a squad, at the end of the day if a dispute in who leads a squad arises and no officers are present, these veterans will always have leadership rights over Privates.

Lieutenant - These are our PS2 officers. Since there is only a small handful of Field Marshals and we can't always be on 24/7, officers are around to take some of the burden off high commanders and Joe. Officers make sure those in the outfit are informed of the latest information (which is available on the forums 95% of the time), have some presence on the forums, report to Field Marshals of any problems within the guild, and in very extreme circumstances if a Field Marshal isn't online they have the ability to remove a player from the outfit. Officers are to be role models and should always be respected.

Captain - These guys are our Community Officers. They are officers throughout all games and help to keep the Angry Army working smoothly. They are senior to officers in all games.

Field Marshals - Responsible for the smooth day to day running of the guild and the community. Field Marshals are in contact with Joe on a regular basis, and it's our job to make sure Joe's expectations for the outfit are met. Field Marshals often meet and talk daily with each other about any issues within the outfit. Ultimately its our job to make sure the outfit is running smoothly, without disruption, and we are the ones responsible for dealing with unruly/troublesome players.

Angry Joe - Top dog. No major decision about the guild is made without Joe's input and approval. It's pretty obvious that Joe is the main reason the majority of players are in this outfit. Joe obviously can't be on all the time, and this is where Field Marshals come in.
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