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Building the World - WIP

A place where Setch Dreskar and Angry Joe can work on their board games and pen and paper systems.

Building the World - WIP

Postby Setch_Dreskar on Sat Dec 29, 2012 10:35 pm

Well first and foremost for any Roleplaying world is the introduction of the world's races, deities or lack there of, the magic system if there is one, flintlocks? Matchlocks? Wheel-lock Rifles?, Etc. So lets set up the scene then shall we?

The World

The world of Sekkara has seen its fair share of destruction and upheaval, be it from war or natural causes, this world is scarred and battered.

Sekkara contains five (5) continents, six (6) if you separate the largest continent into its two (2) most dominant cultures, and several thousand island chains scattered throughout the oceans. There are rumors that another continent lies far to the west in the vast oceans, though with the threat posed from the northern lands, there has been little time to search for it.

The first two (2) continents are the Northern most ones, including Xeldrik and Icemoore. Xeldrik was the first of the Northern continents to be discovered, having its shores mapped by the Kin before the great wars began and taking the name from their dialect. It is a land of chilling beauty, with its southern coasts and forests giving any paradise stiff competition. Further inland, vast cities and spires punched through the clouds of the sky, and while there was a brief attempt to communicate with the denizens of Xeldrik, the sheer horrors and atrocities they committed for their gods led to the start of the wars that crippled the lands.

Icemoore was discovered during the wars to pacify the north, set upon by soldiers, mercenaries and wizards from the Tarwich Empire, the continent received its rather blunt name for the vast fields of ice, and mountains of white that jut into the sky. Disorienting and disturbing to all but the strongest of wills, Icemoore was found to hold the worst experiments and secrets the Northern Alliance concealed, including vast factories of flesh where the terrible abominations that wreaked havoc were sewn.

The final three (3) continents have been almost completely mapped by the various races that call them home. Though mysteries still abound amongst them. From largest to smallest, these continents are: Dicora, Tia, and Graxis.

Graxis is the home of the Orc Enclaves, Elven Empires, and the human port/city-state known as Freidriksburg. The continent has several lush forests and rolling pastures, with only the very southern tips covered in ice and snow. The islands surrounding Graxis house several small ports and cities of Elves, with the largest of these Kador, being home to cities of the best Elven Shipwrights and smiths in their empire.

Tia is the second largest of the continents, and is home to the Iron Barrow Dwarves, The Gearstone Dwarves, the Obsidian Order (Humans), the wizarding city-state known as the White Tower, and The Kin city-state of Durax/Embershard. Tia has almost every climate one could want, with the northern most parts of the continent brushing the planet's equator and having almost tropical beauty and a large jungle, the central lands comprising of rolling farm lands, prairies and forests, while the south contains large mountain ranges almost permanently covered in snow. These climates have dramatically influenced the peoples living within them, and though there are a few islands around Tia, they are almost completely occupied by Kin and Dwarves.

The final and largest continent Dicora stretches out seeming to go from pole to pole of the planet, though any learned individual would point out it clearly doesn't. Dicora like Tia, contains almost every climate imaginable, with the center of the continent being lush jungles, tropical beachs along its coasts and warm all year round, and the farthest lying extremes of the continent being capped in frost and snow with varying temperaments in between. Dicora could technically be split into two distinct continents, with the Wyrmguard Dwarves, Kin, Dragons, and Emberflame Empire dominating the northern aspects of the continent while several Orc tribes, four separate human kingdoms, Elven City-states and Barrier Dwarves make up the southern reaches. Further supporting this segregation is the fact the continent narrows in the center, with massive lakes and thick jungles separating the two halves, and natural land bridges being the only way to cross between them. There are several thousand islands that surround Dicora, though the three islands that are set at the northern tip of the continent are naught but plague-lands from the war.

Races of Sekkara

The Dragons: Little is known about the dragons of Sekkara, even by the Emberflame Empire, Wyrmguard Dwarves and Kin who directly interact with them the most. What is known, is that the dragons came from some other continent, landing among the mountains inhabited by the Wyrmguard Dwarves of old, then known as the Winterpeak Mountain Dwarves, and getting into brief bits of conflict as they hunted for warmth after the flight across the seas.

The Dragons have command of the most powerful magics seen on Sekkara, with the eldest of the dragons usually wielding the most destructive of them all. This comes from a life time, albeit an unending one, of study and experimenting though not even the dragons are sure which among them is the literal eldest.

The Kin: If the dragons are a curious mystery to many, the Kin are a barely trusted enigma. The Kin earned their name from their first interactions with what would later become the Emberflame Empire and Wyrmguard Dwarves, when they responded to questions about their origin by stating "We are the kin of dragons, and have always been."

Their phsyical outline is that of a tall humanoid, with the average height being about seven (7) feet tall. Their physical appearance is highly reptilian, looking much like bipedal dragons without the wings. This along with their refusal to answer to their heritage has lead to many theories of their arrival. Were they dragons who chose to take humanoid form, were they wizards studying under the dragons and forced to change, do they even know themselves?

The Dwarves: Unlike the Elves, Dragons and Kin, the Dwarves are not immortal though they can often seem that way when the average lifespan of a dwarf is around 400 years. Much like the humans of Sekkara, Dwarven culture is heavily influenced by its surroundings, the Iron Barrow Dwarves have developed completely different ideals and craftsmanship when compared to the Barrier or Wyrmguard Dwarves.

The old dwarven stereotypes hold true to varying degrees, while the Barrier Dwarves are renowned for their strong ales and large feasts, they live primarily above ground and focus their efforts into the study of technology and magics. By the same token, the Iron Barrow Dwarves live below ground but focus their efforts on purified waters and drink to prevent accidents while tunneling and mining from the consumption of spirits and are generally slimmer then their counterparts. Last but not least are the Wyrmguard Dwarves, who not only live underground and are known for large feasts and generous spirits, but work hard to harness technology and magic, especially under the tutelage of the Dragons who share their mountain ranges.

The Orcs: The Orcs of Sekkara are a bit of an oddity as while they are rather tribal, and whose magic follows the more shamanistic approach they are highly industrious in nature. While infighting among Orc tribes is common, when tribes do merge an enclave is born and its within these large cities of machinery that the Orcs grow stronger. Orc cities are easily distinguished by the large amount of windmills and the slopping curve of their walls. Its even been observed that Orcs use an elevator system and chutes to transport goods quickly throughout their cities.

Almost as a consequence of their focus on function over form, is the rather bland look to their armor and weaponry. Everything the Orcs create are almost completely utilitarian, making every effort to increase the efficiency of its people. This isn't to say that an Orc cannot discern what beauty of design can be, this attitude of a working product over frills has meant only during times of long lasting peace or economic abundance can Orc art be seen in large quantities.

The Elves: The elves claim to be the first sentient species on the southern continents, and as far as anyone can tell they are correct. Eleven ruins and abandoned cities are scattered across all the southern continents which confuses even the eldest elves. Like the Dragons and Kin, elves cannot die from natural causes, and this incredible lifespan has produced some of the finest craftsmen and warriors Sekkara has ever seen.

Elven architecture and warfare build around the idea of perfect beauty, with buildings that seem to make streets flow around them, and curved blades with intricate etch-work along the metal distinguish the elves from the other races of Sekkara. This among other things has lead to almost constant conflict with the Orc Enclaves, who view Elven artisans as time wasters at the best of times, and fanciful daydreamers at all others. The elves also have a deep distrust of the Dragons who may be the only race in all of Sekkara who could be older and wiser then them.

The Humans-

The Wretched-

The Wraiths: These poor unfortunate souls are members of a newly classified race known simply as Wraiths. During the great war between the Southern and Northern continents, members of the Southern armies began to bring down the mighty black cities of the North and setup garrisons within them. Unfortunately as an act of revenge, and through the use of powerful and dark sorceries, these people were cursed to forever be reborn upon death.

While at first this may seem like a good thing, each time one of these unfortunates falls, be it from battle, sickness or other causes, they are reborn back in the black city where they were cursed, having lost some of their soul and a bit of their will. The curse also forever damns them to remain in the North, never allowing them to return home or find peace, instead to forever fight their own kind who have lost their sanity and hunt among the streets of the black city's they now call home.

The Fallen-
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