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Building the System - WIP

PostPosted: Fri Jan 11, 2013 6:12 pm
by Setch_Dreskar
Style of System

I will be going for the usual d20 model, I was tempted with a d100 system using it as a percentile system but its too unruly, and a d20 can be segmented for use in a percentile system anyways.


This one will be rather interesting, I know the system will act much like the standard DnD system of roll to hit, roll damage etc, though I am trying to figure out ways to introduce a parry/riposte/block system depending on what weapon, armor, and if you are using a shield or not.


Magic will take cues from Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, mainly because I like the idea of a magic system where, while magic is incredibly powerful, the consequences for failing to cast the magic properly has dire repercussions. Each race will have its own custom method of casting spells, from Dwarven rune-carving, to Kin ceremonies.


Firearms, being matchlocks up to flintlocks will have a failure table, giving a risk to using them yet the payoff being they do incredible amounts of damage if inaccurate.

Re: Building the System - WIP

PostPosted: Tue Jan 15, 2013 3:22 am
by Setch_Dreskar
Non-Player/Player Character stats:

Strength - Carrying weight capacity, weapon size usage, bow draw strength, melee weapon damage

Dexterity - Movement Speed, accuracy ability, reload speed

Finesse - Parry/Riposte Ability, deflection, block

Charisma - Leadership ability, barter ability, etc

Soul - Ability to survive magic failures, strength of will, death resistance

Body - Healthiness of the character

Mind - Intelligence, skill with magic

Just generic thoughts on what stat system I could use, keeping in mind I want to use a Parry/riposte and backstab system where placement and skill of the combatant can turn fights.