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[FEEDBACK] The Pen and Paper System - Characters

A place where Setch Dreskar and Angry Joe can work on their board games and pen and paper systems.

Re: [FEEDBACK] The Pen and Paper System - Characters

Postby mulebob on Thu Apr 04, 2013 3:33 am

Ok I love the idea of having a niche that each class you should fit into that way players have rolls. However the game may not always be played with enough players to fill every roll. So, there needs too be a class or 2 or even 3 that can fill multiple rolls, but obviously not be as good at the, as others, similar to how the bard is in d&d or how the sorcerer and wizard differ (do you want a lot of casting for a few spells? Or a large variety of spells with one cast?)

I only bring it up because most of the pen and paper games I have will only have MAYBE 4 players, and sometimes that really isn't enough to fill all the niches well enough especially early on. This does add difficulty too the game and obviously the dungeon master can account for this (or he can be unmercifully which is also awsome).

But either way just a thought. Jack of all trades but master of none can be a fun character to play and help will filling in the areas a party might need without being the best he can be at it.
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Re: [FEEDBACK] The Pen and Paper System - Characters

Postby Setch_Dreskar on Thu Apr 04, 2013 7:55 am

Well the key to this system is there will be no classes, which is why I state 'class' in quotes. Really it comes down to each character, if you got the brains for it and are an archer, you can learn some spells. If you are a knight and have the faith for it, you can learn some miracles.

They are just archetypes that way the only thing people are limited to is their own character's abilities. There are skills that you can train into that will lock you towards certain playstyles. For instance I wouldn't train for 'skilled riflemen' if I was going to be the A-typical Archer or Knight.

Its a bit of a shift from traditional class based systems but I want each player to have the ability to develop and adapt to what the group needs as one would if they were amongst a real band of adventurers.
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